OS X Mavericks available for download and free

Apple has released the update to its desktop operating system, this time called OS X Mavericks. Among other details, the apple company promises to revolutionize the market with only a detail to consider is that this new update is free for users of Snow Leopard and later.

OS X Mavericks

Among the new features is that this new OS will support desktop versions of iBooks and Maps, plus a number of improvements in speed and power saving. In the maps application includes some aggregates as Flyover, while iBooks Portal collection of iOS to Mac OS. Its also add new versions of iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand.

The new version also supports multiple monitors, search for tags in the Finder, a system of on-screen notifications improved and the application of passwords of iCloud. In general, some desktop icons have received a redesign to be more like brings iOS 7.

The Safari browser also has improvements, thanks to the implementation of a better system of markers, speed improvements in the rendering engine and a lighter design. Safari will also help preserve the battery from the computer, if they are executed from the web-intensive animations or high resolution videos.

It should be noted that OS X continues to adapt here and there to look more and more to iOS 7 something that is not lost on the field of Apple users who either want to see their transformed into clones of an operating system for mobile devices. Something that has affected by equal to Windows and Windows 8.

All other new launches announced today by Apple, as the iPad Air, the iPad Mini Retina or new versions of iLife and iWork for iOS.

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