Outlook has announced new features and 25 million active users

Microsoft strikes back with the announcement that has come to have 25 million active users, while announcing changes to its mail service.

Outlook new features

New features allow archive or save messages to a new folder called “Archive” with a single click. The truth is that so far it was possible to do so quite similar to the tab “Move To” to any folder or category that we created in advance, although the process is a little less direct.

Outlook will also offer many more keyboard shortcuts. You can access the complete list of shortcuts, by typing a question mark when we are in the Inbox. One feature that is not quite right or clarifies perhaps something that is to appear in next hours.

The option to answer emails, will be supplemented with another called “Reply To All”, by default. Until now, we had to remove the pop-up menu of the Reply option to send an email in response to several e-mails.

You can also install the Outlook application on any phone that has Android 2.x or newer operating system, with support for Exchange ActiveSync protocol, as Windows Phone or iPhone.

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