Palemoon 15.1.1: Browser based on Firefox

Palemoon 15.1.1 is the new update just released of this interesting and amazing browser based on Mozilla Firefox and with high performance, in addition to being optimized for Windows systems.

Palemoon browser

Pale Moon also has a native version for 64-bit operating systems and a portable version, being very fast and with many possibilities. In this update of the browser, addressing performance issues (high CPU usage) plus some stability problems when Palemoon crashed for no apparent reason as most significant and important changes of the version.

Palemoon browser is a very surprising, as it is optimized for Windows operating systems, as well as for existing processors and consumes far less memory than Firefox, since it has been largely discarded code and also improves the web page loading and the process of their own webs scripts also includes support for SVG, Canvas, support for HTML5 and WebGL (+v4), supports Firefox extensions and as well as markers and migration due to its simple migration tool.

Pale Moon 15.1.1 is a minor update of the browser in which addresses some major performance issues with high CPU usage and also fix some problem in the field of stability when hanging and crashed without apparent reason. Some of the patches have already been tested in previous versions Tele009 have been rejected and deleted to attempt to correct the problems discussed with these new changes and fixes.

Pale Moon is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).

No doubt, PaleMoon is a browser to take into account for its wide variety of features, support for extensions and bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox and the minimum consumption of resources that are improving better and better with each new version as its developers release.

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