PayPal is no longer secure: A customer identified at the request of Sony Music

One of the most striking and interesting features of PayPal is that although we should identify the convenient way to create an account, we also had a certain privacy in the sense that the company would not disclose our data. This has allowed users to get their money, legal on most occasions, more or less safely. Until today. And it is that the last thing that happened on the platform could be considered as the gateway to a loss of privacy.

paypal no longer secure

Recently a German court has forced PayPal to hand over the personal data of a user who was profiting thanks to a page downloading content via P2P. Previously, Sony Music had denounced the fact, arguing that the copyright of their creations are violated. In fact, the decision has made it possible to know the identity of the offender. You could even say that, from these data may be implemented other measures.

So far, PayPal had remained at a mid-point regarding piracy. That is to say, although they were not in agreement with this activity, nor revealed the personal data of users who earned a profit for the same. The case that we report in this occasion might suppose one earlier and one later.

Let’s not forget that Sony Music has achieved that PayPal has provided the personal data of a user, so the other companies and organizations in the music industry might be concerned in similar operations, with its corresponding effect on persons reported. In any case, this occasion has occurred due to the performance of a judge. We do not know if, in another case, the same thing could happen.

Finally, a recommendation: in the matter of privacy, be very careful. It’s not just that you have your data safely. Really also, you avoid to realize activities that rub the illegality. Especially on the Internet.

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