PC-Wizard: Advanced diagnostics and benchmarking

For those concerned with solving their own problems in the PC, there are many tools that can help us work more bearable. Check into the technical side of the performance of the processor and memory are not things that anyone will, but PC-Wizard is a good tool for those working in areas of technical support and solving problem.

PC Wizard

The point is that PC-Wizard is a very complete tool to assess the chances of a computer and the areas that can be improved. But also, you will have access to more comprehensive data, such as models of sound cards, graphics or network, in addition to brand and model of hard drive. You can also access to user passwords, BIOS number, process and the time it takes Windows to boot.

As mentioned PC Wizard gives you the tools necessary to support technician. In this way, we can print reports and send them by e-mail, as a way to suggest changes or to show the end result of a change in any hardware. From PC Wizard can also update drivers via the web, and have access to the error logs that Windows stores of various components.

PC-Wizard can be an application or portable disk installable; the portable version without a doubt, the more useful it will be for the technicians. From a USB can run the program with all its features, plus you can use this tool freely, fairly complete in its ability to test and learn a little more to the client computer.

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