Periscope: Doing streaming video on Twitter

The streaming video on Twitter is a feature we’ve been waiting for many years. Some services have approached it, but the truth is that they had some limitations, in the end, did no more than tarnish the final result. However, since the company has learned a lot, and have recently announced the availability of Periscope, a feature that help to broadcast digital content on the social network.


We should note that Periscope was bought in January by Twitter, so you only have had to make some changes to get everything ready. In fact, they are implemented some features that will help to enhance the service. For example, we can chat and save our videos for later viewing.

Periscope does not have many complications, although it should be noted that for the moment it is an application apart from the Twitter own. Basically, we can upload videos to the platform for others to see. That, of course, or that our contacts we look while we do anything. All this in real time. Very interesting, no doubt.

There is no doubt that, at long last, Twitter has achieved one of the objectives that had been proposed: to provide users a free and efficient alternative to enable video streaming. And it seems that, in principle, everything is going out for them very well.

We still have to wait a bit to see the success of Periscope will be on the Internet. Although, initially, no doubt it will be overwhelming. Anyway, you know it can happen. We will have to wait a bit to check the result.

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