Photograbber: Download all your photos from Facebook

Did you ever think to download all photos from Facebook where you’re tagged? Now you can do thanks to a simple application called Photograbber that in a few seconds as we can download to a folder of our choice throughout the photographic content where our name appears.


The application also offers other options using a similar mechanic. Imagine you want to have all your photos, but not those where it appears certain person, a former girlfriend, a friend with whom we do not have a good relationship. Photograbber only requires you to put the user name and the download will exclude all photos without that person, that simple.

The first thing we will do is give permission to Photograbber to access our Facebook account. This first step is the one that permits to download photos and in some ways is similar to other games and applications for Facebook, the same that identify your contacts and send them messages of games, rewards and gifts, for example.

The next step will be to identify user’s biography who wish to take the images, and the third step is to choose where we want to download the photos and then a matter of waiting for them to finish downloading all the files.

The only negative point when using Photograbber is that it is a limited application. It has a single objective, which does just fine, but you could add alternative tools to give more variety. Anyway, it’s an excellent program for when we want to make a backup of our photos.

In a matter of minutes you can have all the photos where you’re ready to view them and select them in your PC. It is a quick and simple application, works on any computer and does not decrease the overall performance of the PC.

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