PickMeApp: How to move software from one computer to another without reinstalling

Reinstall applications is one of the most odious tasks on a computer, as it requires not only simple installation but to add licenses, reconfigure, install plug-ins and much more which will we lose too many hours a day. Although there are several applications (of pay) that allow you to avoid all this, the only free solution so far known is called PickMeApp.


PickMeApp is the complete solution for all those who want to transfer applications from one place to another (from a PC with Windows XP to a PC with Windows 7, for example). Its compatibility seems to have no limits because it supports a wide range of software and the best thing is that you can ‘capture’ an application with only a few clicks.

Although in general the program is not difficult to use, since some work such as setting up multiple computers (transfer of applications to multiple computers) need a command line to be able to automate the process of capture, installation and generally get the best results.

PickMeApp is still in beta so it may contain some bugs, that’s why we recommend extreme caution when using this application. On the other hand, to be a download free of charge we should be supporting ads and there will be necessarily register in the PickMeApp page, wait until we get a confirmation email and then log on to include a password, in this way we can begin to use the application.

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