Pokki is the app store for Windows XP and 7

In the real world there are still millions of users that have neither Windows 8, nor with the latest offering for Mac computers, or with an Android-based system and, unfortunately, are not yet sufficiently numerous users of GNU/Linux. Apple, Google and Microsfot have their own stores, targeting the most modern OS. And what remains for those who still use Windows 7, Vista or ancient XP?


Pokki solves the problem settled as an app store, organized in many categories such as entertainment, games, music, news, social, TV and movies, etc. It also has labels like “People” and “New” as well as ratings of “likes” (Facebook mode) to give a reference to the quality of each application.

Pokki problem is in direct relation to his name; there is too much to choose. In categories such as TV and movies or travel, there is not too much, almost nothing, but if we are going to find many games to install. The same thing for the social category, with the applications of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Linkedin, among others.

In the case that is installed in Windows 8, surprise that Pokki can replace the Start Menu with its own applications and links to our folders and programs, an almost unexpected replacement interface of Windows 8. Where misses a bit the program is to link up many more applications and programs, but this offers already have Google or Microsoft.

Pokki is for users who want to give life to a PC with Windows XP, Vista or 7, do not require large frills, maybe a PC that will not see heavy use. It doesn’t impress, but not at odds and tray gives us many possibilities of downloads from a single location, even with OS obsolete.

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