Popular Linux Comparisons

Linux is an operating system which is usually available for free with the full source code, so that you can modify it to suite your needs. Here present you with the pros and cons of each Linux distribution.


ArchLinux enjoys user customization to a large extent. ArchLinux is meant for customization. ArchLinux can have any desktop environment like gnome, kde or anything else like fluxbox, ratpoison etc. ArchLinux is available for free and supports X86 processors both 32 and 64 bit. ArchLinux, has a package manager named pacman, which has the default package. tar.gz. Pacman does not offer any graphical installation procedure. ArchLinux offers by default have no graphical interface and won’t work well on a Live CD/DVD. ArchLinux offers support for ext4 file system now.

Cento is a highly stable Linux distributions aimed at workstations and servers. Centos, by default has gnome desktop environment. Processor architectures like x86 and IA-64 are supported. .rpm is the default package available for this Linux distro and package manager is named yum/up2date and RPM. Centos supports live cd environment. Centos is not meant for beginners.

One of the most popular Linux distributions. Debian stands for stability and is used in servers, workstations and even for general use. Debian has a large number of followers, mainly the most popular distro Ubuntu Linux is based on unstable version of Debian. Debian supports a large number of desktop environments like kde, fluxbox, gnome, xfce etc. Desktop managers are usually based on the installation in case of Debian. Debian supports ext4 file system and other older stuff like ext3, ext2, jfs and much more. Debian supports almost all processor architectures.

Highly customizable Linux distro not meant for beginners. It is for everyday use and updates are available almost every week. Gentoo Linux does not possess a default filesystem. Gentoo has one of the largest supports for processor architectures, nearly supporting almost all processors. Default package manager in Gentoo Linux is known as portage and default package format is ebuild. Gentoo possess graphical installation facility also.

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