Prey now tracks the iPhone, iPad, Android devices or tablets

Prey is the best system for monitoring, localization and tracing of a stolen laptop. And the truth is that Yes Prey gives result, in fact I use it in my three laptops without any problem, I think it is unbeatable compared to other similar services that are not free (Prey for free tracks up to 3 PCs).


But now Prey expands its reach to other devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

To do so, it has had to introduce some changes to the recovery service being invoked for these devices, taking into account that some of them are not supported for text messages such as Android tablets and version of Prey for for the iOS system.

From now on, all users of Prey may be using it with the new feature On demand, where you can activate it manually from the control panel, when Prey detected that our stolen device has established a connection.

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