Privazer: looks like a regular disk cleaner, but different

Privazer is a program that removes all traces left by other programs, miscellaneous files, trace log and system files.


In the constant search for applications to keep our systems always as the first day, we find many that are repeated in what they do, despite the fact that they have different names. For example, there are many cleaners junk files, defrag or registry cleaners, but most reaches what makes Privazer: clean all types of trail, not only in the registration or navigation data, but all the disk.

That is to say, Privazer cleans us tracks of all kinds. Of registration, of indexing, of messages, of memory, system, traces left by downloads, music or movies, photos and other installed programs. In short, the Disk Cleanup now reaches into corners where others fail.

Apparently the principal problem of Privazer is that the search of tracks of programs and files takes hours to finish, so we must arm ourselves with patience and wait. In addition, we can not select if by chance we want to leave some traces, such as Internet browsing history, but we can let the program automatically select the automatic cleaning options.

After waiting in the detection of each trace being deleted, the cleaning process takes another good time. The good news is that once you’ve done it once, we have less data to be removed for the next and Privazer will operate faster. At the end of this process, it will show the amount of disk space that we have gained, which is usually considerably if we’ve never done a cleanup of this caliber.

Privazer is another program of cleaning, but which reaches every corner of the hard disk.

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