Protect And Stylize Your New LG G4 With An Awesome Skin

As you take your new LG G4 out of its box, two things will run through your mind. First, you’ll feel excitement for all of the things you can do with this amazing mobile phone.

phone skin

Second, you’ll realize you’ll need to protect your investment. With advanced processing powers, a delicate yet powerful camera, and a 5.5” IPS Quantum display, your LG G4 is a fragile (yet powerful) piece of technology, and it needs all of the protection it can get. In a LG G4 skin, your phone will get all of the protection it needs and more.

LG G4 skins are made of a durable and versatile material that adheres directly to the surface of your phone. Unlike bulky plastic phone cases, a skin is a subtle piece of vinyl that adds mere millimetres to the size of your phone. Where it lacks in size, it makes up for it in strength, as the 3M vinyl protects against scratches and dents that can harm or damage your phone’s looks and processing powers. It also provides superior grip, so it’s less likely to slip from your hand mid-text and meet an untimely end on the hard asphalt.

While an LG G4 skin works hard to keep your phone in optimal shape, you can carry on texting and surfing the web as normal. As it’s designed specifically with the LG G4 in mind, these skins fit perfectly around each and every curve, providing superior coverage compared to any other form of case without making it difficult or unwieldy to use. In fact, they’re so unobtrusive that they can easily be peeled off without leaving behind sticky and unsightly residue. This means you can effortlessly switch between skins to fit your mood and style.

That’s because when you shop with the top providers of skins, you can choose from a variety of styles that fit any fashion sense. They understand that part of the fun of outfitting your phone is having the option of colors and textures that complement the LG G4; without choice, your skin can be a boring addition that doesn’t match such an amazing phone. The latest skins for the LG G4 offer a fantastic selection for any of your tastes.

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