Protect phone against theft with Cerberus

The new smart mobile phones are equipped with a variety of sensors that allow them to perform all sorts of functions that previously seemed impossible, from geographical location to capture photos and video in real time, Internet access and more varied software.


Taking advantage of these extra functions in middle and high range devices can protect your phone against theft by different applications and functions that can help you find lost device, remotely disable or even turn the camera on in secret so that thieves do not know that you are watching them.

Cerberus is an excellent application for Android phones which includes three different forms of protection. On the one hand we can control the mobile Internet through page. The second form includes commands through text messaging. The third function of security is SIM Checker, a system for receiving notifications to email or number configured when someone attempts to use mobile with a SIM card which is not authorized.

When it comes to protecting your mobile Cerberus is very versatile because it also includes remote control of specific functions:

  • Realize record and mobile location using GPS
  • Activate an alarm even if in Silent Mode (ideal if we lost somewhere in the house)
  • Lock the device
  • Record audio from microphone
  • Obtain a list of calls and messages
  • Get information on the operator which is connected.

These are only some of the possible options in protecting our mobile phone from home, for those times when we lost or stolen and Cerberus to do everything possible to recover it.

What steps you take to protect your smartphone?

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