Prototype Steam Console: SteamOS not be based on Ubuntu

Engadget has leaked some images of what will be the new Steam game console, along with some other details, including the operating system will not be based on Ubuntu, but it will be another edition of the same Linux made ​​by Valve.

steam console

The prototypes of the Steam console will be shown at the upcoming CES, during the month of January and the first features that have accessed Engadget, speak of a super computer for games, with Intel i7 CPU and a Geforce GTX 780. But surely feel more disappointed those who believed that the Valve console could replace the computer’s life.

And the operating system is Linux, but without any interface to do other things than play. A logical step, considering that this is a gaming machine, but has drawbacks for those who want to use it to watch streaming or other content such as playback movie as it can be done with other consoles, considering that there are free options as XBMC Media Center that can be easily implemented. One can imagine that no shortage of free programs that allow you to use some hidden SteamOS peculiarities, once it goes on the market.

The question is what is a console that can be replaced with the same operating system installed on a PC with the same characteristics and which can run only some of the available games?

Furthermore, it is unclear how this will fall within Canonical, when they have taken the decision not to use the basis of Ubuntu. Probably go into another endless flame wars that have plagued the Linux world.

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