QualityTime, an application to discover our habits of mobile phone use

No need no study to know that we spend more time with our smartphones. These devices have brought us many advantages but it also have become thieves almost without realizing steal a lot of the time previously dedicated ourselves to other things.


If you are of those who think that you devote too much time to your mobile or you just like to know your habits of use you want to know QualityTime. This free application available for Android devices is very useful because it allows us to have statistics on everything we do with mobile and can assure that after using it for a few days you can discover data that would surprise you.

QualityTime is storing a very visual timeline in which are recorded the moments of the day when you’re using mobile, what applications you use in every moment and the time devoted to each one. This information is useful in itself but the most interesting is the whole statistical information that builds on this timeline.

At the end of the day you can know the entire time that you have spent on the smartphone, the number of times you’ve unlocked, what applications you used or how long you spent on each application. The statistics can be obtained from daily or weekly and when the weekly times sink you can remain much surprised at the information that is obtained.

If you see something that you want to change QualityTime also helps you do it because you can create alerts on the time of use of the device or applications that you don’t want to spend so much time. It also has a function to schedule breaks by restricting access to the device and integrates with IFTTT to create customized alerts with other services.

The application is very visual and simple to use so we invite you to install it and to that you revise the results after a few days and weeks of use because we are almost certain that you will discover things that you do not imagine as hundreds of times a day to unblock the mobile.

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