Quick Disaster Recovery: Recover Windows functionality after virus

Computer viruses have gone from being mere fragments of code that could infect your computer with innocent messages, to suites that have only one purpose: to steal data, passwords and the system become unstable. Precisely this last point which we refer to, thanks to Quick Disaster Recovery.

Quick Disaster Recovery

And it is that a virus is not limited to steal information. Many of them are programmed to avoid detection and passing devastates many Windows features that are directly altered or removed. So, when finished to disinfect the computer will receive a system unbootable or does it mean and prone to crash at the slightest movement.

Hard drive data recovery capabilities will allow us to restore the functionality annulled by the virus. For example, we can restore the Task Manager, the command line or the option to run programs from the Start Menu. It also solved the problems of not being able to open the registry editor, the folder options (to show hidden files) or even to reboot.

The program also contains three tools replacement for Task Manager, Startup Programs or to delete temporary Internet files, in case Windows tools do not respond even with Quick Disaster Recovery.

The program is portable, can be run from USB and can be an invaluable tool if you just disinfect the computer and have lost some functionality in the process.

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