Rainmeter 3.0 Beta

Among addicts is quite popular deskmodder Rainmeter, a program that will add to your desktop various modules and accessories that can go from state monitoring memory usage, battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecasts, together with other tools that can do other direct tasks such as taking notes or launch programs automatically. Rainmeter has released version 3.0 Beta, with some improvements in the use of the skins and in the creation of the same.


Its creators have made some observations for those who download the new version. All skins that run on earlier versions of Rainmeter, also work on the Beta version. At the same time, this new version can be installed on the above, no need to uninstall.

One of the first changes that its creators wanted to point out is the change to a new method of rendering to a new API based on Direct2D, but only for Windows 7.

Among other things, it will also improve the program’s ability to recover the computer from hibernation or sleep. There have been improved some additional languages of the Rainmeter configuration and errors have been corrected on having showed characters as the spaces inside the text, in certain cases. We have also reduced the resources consumed by the program, along with other problems that Rainmeter existed in Windows XP, on which it seems to be executed even in large amount of equipment. Finally, the greatest benefit to users will be the improvement in letter fonts used by Rainmeter, by using Direct2D.

With the amount of options and settings that comprise Rainmeter, just a matter of being able to have some free resources for your computer desktop and have an unpublished interface, if you will.

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