Rapid Tracker is an application for tracking family members or younger

The GPS feature is a function that almost all smartphones have, which not only serves to interact in social networks, sometimes make use of GPS without even realizing it. It also has more useful applications, such as helping us to know at all times where our family members.

rapid tracker

For example, Rapid Tracker will inform our mobile device’s current location and location history of any of our contacts, through notifications to a predefined list or by automatic notices from time to time. It also has “panic button” for emergencies, where its issue a warning when the situation demands, so that parents can contact or quickly reach the location of their children.

Some other useful features are the warnings of disasters and meteorological monitoring each of our contacts, bearing in mind that this application can be used throughout the world. It also has other collaborative tools between members of the same list, such as chat and exchange pictures.

Other strong points of Panic Tracker are different versions for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and even Symbian, so it does not require that all contacts with the same phone model. It’s the only application of its kind that can be used in a wide range of phone brands.

Rapid Tracker can be disabled at will for each contact. Perhaps it is not indicated for the follow-up to children, but it is a feature that has been included to protect the freedom and privacy of each person. Do not forget that geolocation can also be used in work fields, which can hurt more than susceptibility, although it can not be integrated to the list members so forced, but each member must agree to will.

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