RCC, a utility for detecting infected certificates

Within web browsing, the certificates are one of the most reliable tools we have at our disposal, adding an additional security layer which serves to prevent communications to be read by third parties. They are automatically installed and we just have to interact with them. Although the recent cyber-attacks have succeeded that we begin to distrust them.

rcc utility

Lately it has become fashionable to install infected certificates that in addition to not provide the promised security, allow other people to read encrypted content apparently. Against this background, it is necessary to obtain tools to analyze the certificates. RCC is one of them. This is a utility that analyzes them and verifies that they are benign.

The application has a small database with certificates that are trusted. By analyzing those installed on the computer, compare them and return those that might be suspicious. It even gives us the ability to remove them. Of course, we must be careful with this last operation, and since we could be getting rid of those which are really positive.

RCC is a very simple utility, but that manages to avoid those certificates that may be jeopardizing our security and privacy. In fact, it is recommended to use in production environments that might have been violated in any way. Remember that it is compatible with Windows 7 and following. The download is free. Do not forget that the application does not replace the antivirus. The installation of these is mandatory.

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