Reboot-to: change operating system from the menu

It seems that many of us have multiple operating systems installed. While I usually have an installation of Linux and Windows on the same computer, I met people who had several installations (up to 5 different OS). For the step from one OS to another when you change faster, what if we change OS from a menu?


Reboot-to allow us to change operating system start from a small menu that can open from Windows, without going through the pre-boot menu for each operating system. We will win in quickly because we will not have to do the usual selection after the BIOS is loaded.

However, Reboot-to is more oriented to Windows systems than to the GNU/Linux. Accepts all kinds of latest Windows, from Windows Vista, but for Linux only accepts Wubi Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server. This leaves out many who use Linux, together with Windows.

The program takes up almost no space in memory, just 2MB, although creates a new Windows service; precisely what we need for the fluidity of any Windows, but you can’t say that it is heavy and consume many resources. Also we will save time because the change from one system to another is very fast.

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