Records video and takes pictures from the monitor with Jing

Do you need to take pictures from your desktop or record a video tutorial? Now you can take advantage of the Jing tool to keep a record of everything that happens on your screen.


Jing allows to work with both static pictures and videos. The integration between the two mechanisms is perfect so we will not have problems when creating records and tutorials in a professional and fast with keyboard shortcuts.

Once installed on the PC the Jing implementation takes the form of a small yellow ball that is positioned at the top of the screen. By clicking on it you can access the main menu which contains the following tools:

  • Capture
  • Record
  • Options

The capture button is the most important, we can select an area or full screen to capture a photo or video. The button panel includes a button that appears Photography, video selector and then a box to put the name of the file to be created.

Jing videos can not last more than 5 minutes so if you plan to make a long tutorial have to think about the right moments to switch video.

The free version of Jing offers 2GB storage on the website of our creations, more than enough to create all kinds of interesting tutorials, customized versions of desktop and more.

The application is very easy to use and offers excellent performance without slowing down our PC usage and being able to select specific areas of the monitor to show what happens while we play, or perhaps a particular area of the screen.

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