Removes all Metro apps in Windows 8 from PowerShell

The vast majority of Windows 8 users coexist with Metro applications in a sort of love-hate relationship. Some defend them (and actually use them), while others have not yet clear why Microsoft has insisted turn our PC into a tablet. Most of the Metro apps are not used regularly and there are many users who would like to uninstall.

Windows PowerShell

It is perfectly possible to uninstall all or at least those that consider that they are only occupying disk space. All this is achieved through PowerShell, the Windows command line. And although the process of uninstalling apps is more direct in Windows 8.1, using a batch, we do so in Windows 8, thanks to PowerShell.

The first thing is to open the Windows PowerShell as administrator. Press the Windows key and type PowerShell. Right-click on the result and select Run as administrator. Once we have the PowerShell on screen, the commands that we will use for this purpose will be Get and Remove. With the first command we will receive data from installed apps, whereas the second eliminates them. To begin we will need the Get to know what we have installed on your computer:

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers

If you have multiple accounts for multiple users on the same computer, you can list the user-specific applications:

Get-AppxPackage -user Remono (or user name)

If you prefer to know the specific applications of a particular manufacturer (eg Microsoft’s) you should type:

Get-AppxPackage -Publisher Microsoft

Deleting Metro apps
Once you have the list of apps, you just have to use the Remove command. If you want, you can delete them all at a stroke and without preamble with:


But if you want to be more selective, you must enter the name of the application to remove:

Remove-AppxPackage (name of the app that you want to delete)

Microsoft has also considered the case you want to remove everything installed from the Windows Store.

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