Restore Point Creator manage your restore points in Windows

The Windows Restore System has taken us many more of one problem and it is therefore inconceivable to reach it have to access more than one menu and look for between many options for the way of throwing it or to create a restoration point. With Restore Point Creator will no longer have these problems, everything will be much faster and able to do the restore point directly from the right mouse button.

Restore Point Creator

The Restore Point Creator interface is very clear and has only three buttons: display the list of restore points, create a new one or restore a certain point. In addition, you can use it to work together with the Task Scheduler to restore, create or delete a new restore point at a certain time.

The program also includes a tool that will allow us to manage the disk space that will use the restore points. Remember that restore points stored key system files to restore them later, so it will need a significant disk space. You can reduce or increase the space devoted to them and, of course, delete old restore points that all they do is occupy disk space.

Access to the program is guaranteed from the right mouse button, on the icons in My Computer; a new option to create a restore point will appear, so you will not have to move from the Start Menu to get to other menus or the search option of Windows.

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