Revive your scanner in Windows, Mac and Linux with VueScan

The arrival of new operating systems can do that our scanners turn into objects little less than useless, because manufacturers do not always continue making drivers for them to new systems or simply because other newer models are released. But do not despair; your old scanner can still be very useful with VueScan.


This program helps to even Windows 8 and Mac OS X Maverick recognize the scanner, with a database of drivers over 2,300 models for Windows, Mac and about 2,100 to 1900 different models for Linux. Compatibility is not hundred percent complete, must say, as some models still require the installation of Windows WIA driver or torque for Mac.

VueScan have many features to scan the software itself that came along with each model. It has some features more advanced through a ‘guided mode’, although the interface can be somewhat confusing at first. The best way is to experiment with each one to get accustomed to using the program.

The program is available for 32 and 64 bits, although bad news is it’s not free. It’s free version is only test that will run for 30 days, after which is may choose to purchase the full program; of payment you can choose an installable version up to four PC (with unlimited number of scanners in use) or the professional version that costs no less than 70 euros, not cheap by the way.

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