ROCCAT Power-Grid: Control a PC from Android or iOS

The versatility that give us today’s mobile devices, allow us to execute tasks unthinkable only a few years ago. One is to remotely control a PC from a phone. Fortunately, it is possible from Android device or iPhone, thanks to ROCCAT Power-Grid.

ROCCAT Power-Grid

The PC control must have Windows 7 or 8. Among other things, it will be possible to see the state of the PC, launch programs, minimize or maximize windows, control the volume restart or shutdown the system, among other things.

ROCCAT Power-Grid operates on two programs, one for the PC, which will act as a server, while the terminal is for the phone. You must first install the Windows version, after registration on the ROCCAT website, where we will have to give our data. Once done, the program will ask us to connect with ROCCAT on mobile. Sure to get to this step, the client should have already downloaded to the phone.

When we downloaded the latest version, now we can connect both via WiFi. We will list the PC that can access (for now, only one PC). We can simply access it and quickly we’ll see our name on the network and its IP address, along with a variety of commands that the program calls “grids”. Through each grid, we will control everything that ROCCAT can take control. By the way, there are downloadable grids for users with many features.

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