Rollback RX: Rescue mini OS

Rollback RX is a tool that allows you to return your computer to a previous state, where all changes and installations made so far will be eliminated, including any viruses or harmful change in the system files.

Rollback RX

The method of operation is similar to Deep Freeze, but Rollback Rx does not seem to use many computer resources like that and has a very important point in its favor.

The classic question in this type of program is how it will affect the computer, i.e., some users have indicated that they have had problems with Deep Freeze, others worked smoothly. In regard to this test, Rollback RX has no problems whatsoever, restoring the system to a moment before. And not only had to restore more items than the traditional Windows Restore, but also restored when Windows can not even boot.

And is that unlike other similar programs Rollback RX is not a program, but it is in itself a mini operating system that starts running before Windows. So, has the ability to access it from long before the logon screen can repair any problem with the system.

This mini OS worth it in the case of those shared-use computers that are constantly in danger of receiving virus and in the cases in which multiple users to use the same computer, as in the case of the schools.

The latest version enables networking with other computers; it supports Windows 8 and is compatible with UEFI BIOS.

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