Rumr allows you to speak with groups of friends… but without knowing who is each one

Imagine that you are in a room with a group of friends and that for a while you turn off the light to maintain a conversation. Posts to imagine, suppose also that we have no way of knowing who each friend because of his voice is and talk about any subject but unable to identify who emits every opinion on it. What you can imagine? If you imagine it has not passed the same creators of Rumr, a rather peculiar instant messaging application.


Rumr is a messaging application that has been put on anonymity as a great goal. This application allows you to create groups of friends (i.e., is not open to anyone who wants to participate in a group) in which all talk but anonymously.

Every time someone posts a message is assigned a color that distinguishes it from the rest but no name or other identification so if the group is big enough and you do not betray what you say will be kept anonymous.

What is this? Well according to the creators gives more freedom for people to express their opinions freely without having to think much about the usual others will say and also to hold discussions on topics that may be uncomfortable or that people should keep the conversation do not feel comfortable.

Do you consider it useful or believe that it is an absurd idea? In what situations could see you utility? If you are already thinking about some event that will be of interest you should know that is a free application and that you can download both for iOS and for Android.

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