Samsung Pay prepares to reach United States: will be the final payment method?

Samsung Pay is the payment method that Samsung has been preparing for several months. No, it’s not like what you think, but the company is focusing on mobile payments in order to monopolize a market that is growing every day, and that could be the future. A new alternative is expected to impose worldwide as soon as possible. It comes with several very interesting features, so we recommend that you do not miss the view.

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Samsung Pay will come to the United States on September 28, which means that from that day customers can pay in a new way, more comfortable and easy. In fact, it has been claimed, the method to be used is the “proximity”. That is, we will use the smartphone to pay, bringing it to the terminal that each shop has installed. In fact, all data that are disclosed in the operations will be fully encrypted so there are no problems. Even the number of cards will not be shared with the stores.

The main novelty is that Samsung Pay will use a new technology called Magnetic Secure Transmission, much like the NFC, but that will serve in the majority of points installed in the settlements. This ensures that there will be no need to buy new equipment. Samsung has already confirmed it is working with American Express, Discover, Master Card, VISA and major US banks to avoid problems.

You’ll have to have a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or a Note 5 to use it.

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