Samsung Pay, the mobile payment service of Samsung, arrives in United States

On September 28 the citizens of North America have the opportunity to pay for products without the need to take the portfolio.

samsung pay

Samsung Pay is basically a virtual wallet that will allow us to pay for purchases with the money we bring in our smartphone. No need to bring up the portfolio, since everything is done online, by extracting funds from the accounts that we have configured. A very convenient option, because especially since relocate prevents physical credit cards and money in our pocket to avoid theft, among other problems.

The new mobile payment system of Samsung has several limitations: first, it is only available in the United States. This means that other country users will have to wait several months until the company decided to bring the service to other countries. In addition, the stores will have to make a small adjustment to accommodate the new system. The latter drawback is quite striking because there are many establishments that do not even accept credit cards.

The use of Samsung Pay is quite simple since everything is incorporated into an application that is installed, turn on mobile phones. All data are synchronized, so it is only necessary to bring the terminal to pay for disbursement.

The mobile payments take another step forward. Anyway, we do not know if this alternative ends up imposing. We have to wait for the results that causes among buyers.

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