Sharemouse presents improvements with ShareMouse 2

ShareMouse, an application to control two computers with one mouse. While not getting such good results in comparison with the Mouse without borders, worth as a good option to control multiple computers.

ShareMouse 2

ShareMouse makers now bring us the second part, ShareMouse2, with some improvements, but still can not control more than two computers without having to opt for the paid version. This new version has improved support for Windows 8 and 8.1, in addition to Mac OS X 10.9, connection automatically between different monitors, support for special keys, use Ctrl-Alt-Del to remote computers, cursor movement and better options to control the rate of scroll individually for each terminal.

Moreover, ShareMouse 2 is easy to use and there is no set almost nothing to begin using it, with the condition that the other computer is on the same network. Only to install or to execute the portable version in the computers and already will have the application ready in a few seconds. In our tests it has even supported the remote control of some games that ran on the second computer.

Another interesting feature is that ShareMouse determine the position of the monitor of the remote computer intuitively. That is, if we move the cursor to the right side, ShareMouse assume that the remote is placed to the right of the host. In ambiguous situations, the program will place letters on each monitor so that we can access the other computer just by pressing the corresponding letter.

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