ShortcutsMan: clean shortcuts program that you do not have installed

One of the worst things that Windows is the poor organization of installed programs that gets worse if you are one of those who install zillions programs. Instead of installing everything in one folder for each program, spread a lot of files in different locations.


The same problems of bad design have certain uninstaller that does not completely eliminate all traces of the program, but they leave behind folders, DLLs and shortcuts. Fortunately there is a solution and a program called ShortcutsMan.

Its function is to identify all shortcuts trail left by programs that have already been eliminated. The removal takes place on the desktop and in the Start Menu folder, using a simple interface other we will be marking all shortcuts that do not lead to any program.

The program also tries to connect direct access with its corresponding executable if the main program folder has been changed to another location on the disk and the shortcut has been orphaned.

In addition, another small program that can run as portable and that will put a little order on the desktop and in the Start Menu.

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