Silk: Create within minutes very original image

The tools that are available from the web for various uses, give us a respectable amount of earnings to the fingertips, without even having to install and learn complicated commands. Proof of this is Silk, a generator of graphics and images composed of lines. An outside observer involved with the digital art is what would call a new kind of art.


But Silk may well serve other more orthodox uses, such as creating original wallpapers. The way to achieve the images is simply moving the mouse around the screen, which will achieve interesting effects of spirals and symmetries, besides being able to use seven colors available.

Another Silk functionality is able to work with some additional commands that will allow us to replicate or establish such forms of symmetry points will be moving across the screen, and you can save the final result of the picture. Therefore, after unleashing creativity, we can just save it to a PNG file to use each image as wallpaper. All this, tinged with a beautiful melody “new age” created especially for Silk, we can mute at the time we want.

But the most important Silk possibilities are simply creating free art forms, much faster than with any drawings editing program that can fill the screen, either on a computer or on a laptop. To all this, a small detail, because while Silk is free to use from a PC or laptop, is chargeable for iPad and iPhone, but highly addictive from a mobile.

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