Skype is the target of new virus

If it was before thing of every day for users of Messenger to see how appeared strange messages with even more strange links, now the path taken before the new viruses that were directed to Messenger, reaches to Skype.

skype virus

What before was the target of choice for the links that were hiding malicious code, it has changed now, thanks to the new implementation of Skype as a program of messaging, chat, video chat and phone calls. Since Microsoft announced that Skype would replace Messenger, the viruses targeted at Skype have escalated.

The newest of all of these new viruses on the so-called WORM_PHORPIEX.JZ, in addition to the WORM_BUBLIK.GX. While the first is relatively harmless, the only thing it does is clear the chat history, the second is a bit more problematic, because it uses various plugins to download malware on your computer, send links which will then be transmit to emails and infect removable devices.

The highest percentage of time from infection comes from Japan, 84% of them, followed by the U.S. with 2.5%. Other countries have not yet reached the 1%, but it all depends on the care and precautions to be taken to time to submit to us messages like this:

skype virus

The solution is not to get into any of these links, nor even of users whom we know and who are part of our contacts, in addition to the updating the virus definitions on your computer.

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