Skype Translator now supports the Arabic language

Skype Translator is one of the most interesting features of the instant messaging application Skype, allowing real-time translation between different languages. However, there are still limitations which must be fixed. For example, the Arabic language was not supported. We speak in past since, thanks to a recent system update, we have available this function.

skype translator

Thanks to the Modern Standard Arabic package recently have at our disposal the possibility that the project itself can translate and transcribe the Arabic, providing a very interesting novelty. Especially for people who speak it. Thanks to the update (you can already enjoy), Skype Translator speaks in a total of eight languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Mention that the new feature is only available in Windows versions of Skype, which means that you can only use it thanks to Microsoft’s operating system. In fact, we ourselves have tested other editions, checking that the related functions have not been implemented.

The introduction of Arabic is excellent news because it is a language spoken by millions of people, and which will maintain contact with a greater number of users. We even dare to say that the project will increase the number of register.

Do not forget that this is not the latest addition to Skype Translator in regards to new languages. The safest thing is that Microsoft continues to work in order to increase the chances of features. We only need to wait for news.

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