SlimBoat is a complete alternative browser

The race for search top browsers does not stop and offer alternative browsers or open source is becoming more generous with the appearance of new browsers that seek to reproduce the functions and usage share reached by the big names, be it Chrome, Firefox or IE10.

SlimBoat browser

One of them, is SlimBoat, an alternative browser that has not given failures or problems of instability, which unfortunately is one feature of other similar.

SlimBoat is a browser that is available not only for Windows but also for Linux and Mac. Its main advantage is the SCADA by all who surf the web many hours a day: it is fast (perhaps faster than Chrome) and stable at least in the four days. All this, despite having many characteristics, which are not few, the user can adjust to your liking.

SlimBoat has its integrated ad blocker, text translation, predefined search engines, several skins that mimic the look of Mac, Windows or Linux and an own download manager. Among one of its most interesting features, if you go to any YouTube site, you can download the video natively since SlimBrowser, so the browser will add a new download button next to any video.

SlimBoat engine is based on Webkit, which can also be found in Chrome, Safari and other alternative as Midori or Qupzilla so in theory the compatibility with the majority of sites is ensured. Finally, one must make a browser requires less resource or for those who simply want to stand out from the bulk of users, SlimBoat is an option to consider.

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