SlimCleaner 4.0: Optimizes the performance of your computer with SlimCleaner

New version of the program maintenance and system optimization, SlimCleaner 4.0, which adds intelligent defrag function and automatic software upgrade, including major improvements and updated.

SlimCleaner 4.0

For those not familiar SlimCleaner, note that this free program has tools that can clean up such unnecessary and temporary files, uninstall applications, secure deletion of data, direct access to the main tools of the Windows operating system, delete toolbar.

SlimCleaner also controls the operation of our computer hardware components such as CPU and RAM, differing from the rest of programs intended for the maintenance and system optimization, by using a wide community of users that provide real-time information, which serves to improve the performance of the system. With this information in the cloud, with SlimCleaner can be know for example if a program, service or component of the system is required or on the contrary it is a good idea to turn off.

SlimCleaner is compatible with operating systems Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), with a portable version (created from the menu Settings/Install Portable Version) ideal for carrying in our pen drive.

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