Smartshot allows us to obtain screenshots, write and draw on them

Almost all of us arises occasionally the need to make screenshots of a web site. To achieve this, we have plenty of options, but one of the most comfortable is usually using any extension of browser like Smartshot, the plugin for Chrome that we spoke below.


With Smartshot we can not only take screenshots but can also work on them before storing. The capture functionality is quite similar to that offered by other extensions as it gives us the option of capturing an entire page or selected area. At this point to emphasize its deferred capture makes a screenshot 3 seconds after pressing this option, which can be useful in some situations.

In highlighting Smartshot with respect to other similar extensions is in the possibilities that it offers to work on the capture. After the capture, Smartshot opens a toolbar at the top from which you can cut out a portion of the image, write text and paint over it, highlight areas with circles or rectangles of different colors, pointing using different types of arrows or blend any part of the image that we do not want to be visible.

When the image is to your liking press the button “Done” and sees the options that allow us to print the image or save it locally or in cloud services like Google Drive.

Another of the useful features of Smartshot is that also allows us to upload images from our hard drive. In this way we can use this toolbar to work on these images.

As you can see the operation is very simple but it is one of those utilities that are good to have in the browser because it will save time in many situations.

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