Soon Android will have support for multiple user accounts

The Linux-based operating system of Google, Android, is a system that is in continuous growth. Since its launch in 2008 it has been improving at a frenetic pace. Its versions have been increasingly offering each time, more ways to interact with devices that have this operating system.

android multiple user accounts

One of the latest rumors about the progress in the system is that, support for multiple accounts in Android tablets start to have more weight, because the web portal, Android Police, has found this function code. Its development and implementation would be a major step forward for Google’s operating system.

The accounts for users are not something that has not been used before, many operating systems for computers, are using this option for several years. This feature allows a single computer can be used by several people, without having the same content for each user.

It is strange that from the beginning, Android and other operating systems for smartphones and tablets as IOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone, among others, have not incorporated this tool into its operating systems.

But according to the Android Police website, this feature is coming soon to Android, but for now only for the tablets. This tool has been in development for quite some time, about a year, and although the code found is already ready to integrate Android, there is still a long way from being an update to the feature.

It seems that developers have taken some time to remember this feature that takes so many years present in PC operating systems, however, although it has been taken in developing this tool, its arrival in the operating systems for tablets and smartphones will mean a change the use of these devices, allowing a more personal interaction for each user.

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