Speed ​​MP3 Downloader: Expand your music library

Are you looking for a quick way to expand your music library and always have your favorite topics to the fingertips? Now you can download directly from the Internet with Speed ​​MP3 Downloader, a software downloads that will help you not only discover the most popular successes, but also download them from a simple, practical and well organized.

Speed ​​MP3 Downloader

Speed ​​MP3 Downloader lets you listen to streaming music, if the song you like then you can choose the download option and take it to your hard drive in MP3 format. The program includes a search section to select promptly the songs you wish to download either identifying the title, artist or band.

Speed ​​MP3 Downloader even save your search history so you do not download a song repeatedly. Access to the search system is on top, while the bottom of the interface is the queue of songs that are being downloaded.

Through the function Hot Songs can discover what the topics that are being heard and we can even choose categories and styles to find certain types of songs.

Its interface is very clean and practical, perhaps the most positive as it offers quick and uncomplicated access to all kinds of songs uploaded to the network to listen via streaming. Without offering a bright aesthetic aspect, the program is stable and works perfectly, does not have the best download speeds but its tool Hot Songs is practice that allows you to divide the songs by category and it also serves as downloading via streaming player.

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