Spotify introduces its web player

Unlike the majority of programs and services that we find on the net, Spotify has started first with its application for desktop, followed by its web application. After several years of uninterrupted service, the music streaming service reveals the web service available for all the supported devices.

Spotify Web Player

Curiously, the web application does not have much similarity with the desktop application. We will have four distinct sections: the playlists, radio, the new and additional controls.

The interface is designed not only to show us our lists and the name of the song that is playing, but it will also show us the art of the album. The radio also has a new interface and new look, with its own screen.

Well now, except that we don’t like the album art, or that we are fans of pages in HTML5, Spotify works very well with the web client; in fact, better than with this new interface, which can go so far as to give problems in a fluid reproduction of the music. From the aesthetic point of view, it is better than Pandora or Last.FM, but it remains to be seen if it is as effective as the web client.

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