StartOnDesktop: How to log directly on the desktop of Windows 8

Despite the fact that Windows 8 has been well received, since before its launch (and now, after it) already existed a large number of applications to modify or alter the functioning of the operational, as this new version of Windows offers changes not like those who were accustomed to the old Windows.


In principle the majority of applications are concentrated in bring back the start menu that Microsoft eliminated in Windows 8, others are only responsible for display by default the classic Windows desktop. And, well, if you want this, one of the newer options is called StartOnDesktop.

StartOnDesktop is a program really small compared to other types of software that try to fix the changes in Windows 8. To be initiated its interface only shows us an option, and in this we have to choose if we want or do not start with the classic desktop Windows.

Within the same window displays the relevant information and that is what makes exactly StartOnDesktop. Of course, it says that this change does not affect anything, just changing a registry entry and that change is completely safe.

The truth StartOnDesktop is a very interesting option and surely more than one will love, and that apparently most still looking to have the classic Windows desktop in the first instance.

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