Startup Delayer: Controls the startup programs in a more efficient manner

Users who have been a good time using Windows open noticed that Microsoft’s OS is not exactly a panacea as soon as installed a few programs. From start quickly, we are moving to a slower start in only a matter of hours. And it is inevitable install commonly used programs (antivirus, browser, etc) while trying to load all at once in the beginning, delaying more than usual boot process.

Startup Delayer

We can turn them off by using the implementation of the known Msconfig, although there is a slightly more elegant way to control startup programs. This is Startup Delayer, which will not only allow us to that not all programs are initiated, but schedule the times that are initiated.

The programming is based on that not all startup programs should be initiated at the same time. You can specify for example antivirus is started as one of the first and then start the browser and not both at the same time. Subsequently, we can go programming the other programs that are initiated, as soon as the disk activity stops or even much later, when we have already begun to work calmly and without delay programs that most interest us.

We set priorities, giving more elevated privileges to certain programs, control the services and applications that are running, set gaming profiles (thus minimally necessary) or for work, with most open programs from the beginning.

A good program that automates the start time using rules that we set ourselves and that surely will work a lot in reducing boot times for those Windows that are not optimized.

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