Steam launches its own operating system SteamOS

Steam has decided to mount an offensive to try to dominate the console market, through the new hardware that is designing and putting the finishing touches to its market launch. A possibility that the operating system used on the Valve console would have been a variant of Linux could be and not wrong.


So Steam has decided to go ahead and launch SteamOS, an OS built on the Steam platform. SteamOS be available as OS that can be downloaded and installed on any PC dedicated to gaming. However, the real target is their own game console and used as OS for multimedia centers; in addition machine with SteamOS can relay those games on your home network directly to your TV, without any additional installation.

Body features that Steam is thinking of deploying in SteamOS, online services enabling you to access your music and favorite videos with Steam.

The road will not be easy. First, you must beat the competition represented by Ouya, Android-based system (although with far fewer games available). But the heavyweights, Xbox and PlayStation are still two of the most used platforms by players.

Game companies might think twice before launching versions of their games for SteamOS, when almost all the Steam user base is dominated by Windows machines. We will have to wait for Steam give us more information about the new OS and the new console.

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