Subsonic allows to build own media server

For those who were looking for a media server that allows us to transmit streaming music and movies, comes Subsonic, a solution which is not free but we will be putting together a list of movies and music files that can be transmitted through the home network or the Internet, if you will.


Some special notes: in the case of audio files, its will be converted to MP3, even though it accepts the files transmission OGG and ACC.

In the last version is capable of streaming video, including a Flash player, but also supports media players that accept Internet connection such as Winamp, iTunes, XMMS, VLC, MusicMatch and Windows Media Player. The labels of each file is obtained directly from the Jaudiotagger database and can work with any computer running Mac, iOS, Linux, Windows and Android.

Now there you have a couple of considerations with Subsonic, it is not free. You can download the demo for 30 days, but the full version is pay (with really affordable prices by donation system, from 10 euros). If you want to use Subsonic over the Internet, taking always available on your media list from any place will have to pay for server hosting.

The installation program does not require more than the installation of Java, if it is that don’t have it installed, which will make the program automatically. Then the work comes of raising all our multimedia content to the server.

One of the most appealing aspects of Subsonic is that we may share our server, giving our web address and passwords. But beyond the act of sharing, the sharing will allow us to test the system and decide whether to adopt it or not.

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