Superior Alternatives: iTunes

Although iTunes is very popular today, which do not sync with Apple devices are missing it very much, for many more alternatives exist.


To continue on the line of media players on this occasion present the best alternatives to Apple’s best-known development that is iTunes. Surely many will think that there is no better thing than iTunes, because otherwise it is impossible to correct synchronization with branded devices, but if you do not have any of these devices to have iTunes installed is more than a whim.

iTunes is not bad, but using it out of its platform (Mac OS X) brings several drawbacks such as the unnecessary inclusion of branded software such as QuickTime and Apple software updater (not to mention Bonjour). On the other hand, as often happen with Safari, the performance is not satisfactory and in general iTunes is quite slow (compared to OS X).

Windows has always stood out for its huge catalog of software and in terms media players not far behind. For most enjoyed listening to your favorite music from your computer there is the classic Winamp, known to be a light and have extensive support for themes, plugins and other add-ons that make it one of the best options on the market.

Another is also noteworthy is Foobar2000, a super advanced player who in recent times has been well received by enthusiasts of simple applications. MediaMonkey is another old acquaintance who continues to offer one of the best experiences of what we might call a virtual jukebox. And this way hundreds of options exist to choose, although there is also the possibility of using the cloud and to use applications like Spotify or why not, Grooveshark.

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