Superior alternatives to Internet Explorer

Today we talk about the possible applications that can take the place of Microsoft’s web browser, mean Internet Explorer. This browser despite being in the top of use has always been criticized and recently accepted by the most knowledgeable and related technology.

Internet Explorer alternative

First, must say that Internet Explorer is not so bad, in fact, in the version number 9 received several adjustments that make it an outstanding competitor, especially in security issues. However, IE has always had a serious problem as it is updated later and therefore seems to be a bit old when compared with other browsers.

The answer to what might be the best alternative and in order of popularity: Google Chrome, the browser has been the most widely accepted in recent times, is fast, stable and accepts some extensions and as a sort of internal applications. On the other hand is Firefox, the old acquaintance who was the first real competition to IE, now is still a good option if you are looking for an alternative that is compatible, and also support add-ins.

Finally (and not least important) we have Opera, this browser has not been as well received as those already mentioned; however, has one of the fastest rendering engine, has many extra features and also its degree of innovation is very large. Of course there are many alternatives, but these are the most common and the most will be satisfied.

Although in some cases Internet Explorer must be used (for compatibility) it is best avoided at all costs the use of toolbars, and the performance and experience of use of this browser will be more successful.

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