Superior alternatives to: Windows Media Player

Today we talk about the best alternatives to the media player included in the operating system; in other words, Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player

As we have seen through this post, most of the applications that come by default are the most used, especially for novice users and the Media Player is not far behind. However, this piece of software has a few problems such as its low media format support and an interface that appeals to few.

Many recommend installing a codec pack, but we do not approve this since sometimes these suites can become infected with a virus or similarly our system may change which will impact on the performance. To avoid any type of problem the safest is to go for applications such as VLC, a player that given its characteristics should be installed on all computers.

Like VLC, there are other very good alternatives like KMPlayer (interface to MPlayer) which supports almost all formats without ceasing to be lightweight. Finally you can also keep an eye on Media Player Classic, the player that has an aspect of the classic Windows Media but that does not mean that it ceases to be reliable and able to play everything that you will submit, also claims to be the fastest player that exists.

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