SymMover: Move programs from one drive to another in the easiest way

The typical example in which SymMover can be of invaluable help, is when we bought a bigger disk than what we have or when we switched to solid state technology. With a larger capacity disk or SSD in hand, surely we will want to move all of our programs to the new device. But how do we do it without reinstalling one by one?


We can not simply move folders from one disk to another, since Windows has recorded the location of programs and there will be problems when run from the new disk. But SymMover is a free program that takes care of saving the papers, making believe to Windows that our directories are still in their original location and adds a symbolic link to the new location of the files.

The program is presented with an interface where we can see the available capacity of our disks, plus a directory tree that can move from one disk to another. When moving files, it will use the file transfer feature that is already present in Windows and everything is as easy as checking which folder move and indicate the new location for the program.

SymMover has some limitations. The first is that it does not work in Windows XP, then in Vista and 7 (no mention of Windows 8). In addition, if the disks are formatted in another format other than NTFS, the program will not work. The same thing when the program you want to move is running and active at that time as a service or as a process.

The program is completely free, does not give any problem and is extremely simple to understand. Practically just need to know the current location of the programs that we will move and decide which folders will put them on the new disk.

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