SyncBox: Keep all your files in the cloud

SyncBox is a file backup service in the cloud like Dropbox, which will enable us to save on external servers all types of files. The installation of the service involves downloading the Syncbox Server program and then the client, of which there are versions for Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, Android and iOS.


The interesting thing about Syncbox is that offering “terabytes” of storage capacity without paying a single penny, although on its website does not mention how many terabytes we are talking about.

It also mentions that you can upload videos and has a streaming service, so that the maximum capacity to store files should be high.

The service also offers the ability to make public the files so it can share with another user or group of users.

We have not heard much capacity provides SyncBox and it may be a good alternative service (although you have to install two separate files) to smaller file size.

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